Feedback Informed Therapy

Feedback Informed Therapy: A new tool to improve your therapy!

The Centers for Family Change is now using Feedback Informed Therapy (FIT) to improve our services. FIT is not a specific type of therapy. Rather, FIT involves getting regular feedback from you (using brief standardized questionnaires) about how you feel therapy is working for you. Research has consistently shown that obtaining regular feedback significantly increases the likelihood that therapy will be helpful. Moreover, FIT gives our therapists more information about how therapy is working for you and allows us to better tailor our efforts to meet your needs.

Our Effectiveness

We have been collecting data on our effectiveness since the spring of 2015. Our findings to date, clearly demonstrate that we are highly effective in terms of helping our clients. In our main website we detail this data and provide documentation from Acorn, the group that analyses our FIT data, highlighting our effectiveness.